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10. Halo 5

10. Halo 5

Ladies and gentlemen, the hype is real. Gamers are the most excitable bunch on the planet and, as such, publishers and developers can't help but get us excited for their upcoming game with rad trailers and big promises.

All too often though, the games come out and disappoint. Sometimes that's because the developer didn't deliver the goods, sometimes that's simply because we were expecting too much.

Regardless of the reason, we often remember the most disappointing games as much as we do the great ones. Hence why years of crappy Spider-Man games left us desperate for a good one (thanks again, Insomniac Games).

Well, the PS4/Xbox One generation is almost said and done. And, as always, we're left with a few dozen phenomenal experiences - and a few that left us questioning our faith. Many end up hitting like a slap in the face, so here's to the future of the industry learning from these mistakes.