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Gotham Season 5: First Look At The Birth Of The Joker

Jeremiah The Joker Gotham
Fox/DC Comics

Gotham’s final season has been pretty unmissable thus far, and that's not set to change any time soon. The hit Fox series resumed its farewell run this past Friday, after a brief hiatus, with an episode that delivered in every way imaginable, as the citizens of the eponymous city continued to struggle in their post-apocalyptic environment.

Although it was a great episode for all the show's mainstays, it's the closing moments of 13 Stitches that has everyone talking. Yes, the villainous Jeremiah Valeska took his plans for Bruce Wayne to the next level, when he kidnapped Alfred.

We're not quite sure how the young billionaire's butler will figure into Jeremiah's dastardly deeds, but we won't have to wait very long to find out as the next episode will see the laughing maniac come face-to-face with Bruce once more - and this brand new trailer gives us a first look at what will unfold in the upcoming instalment, which is titled Ace Chemicals:

The movie-style preview gives us an in-depth look at some of the horrors that Jeremiah has planned for Bruce and Alfred. We learned in Pena Dura that Jeremiah's plan will somehow involve Bruce's deceased parents, and we get a bit more information on this in the snippet. It appears as if Jeremiah wants to push Bruce to the brink of insanity, and the feud between the two young men will escalate so much that they end up fighting in iconic Gotham location, Ace Chemicals. You know that means, right?

Ace Chemicals is The Joker's birth place in plenty of iconic adaptations of the Batman mythology - most notably Tim Burton's 1989 cinematic masterpiece - so it's safe to assume that the Clown Prince of Crime will be appearing in Gotham soon.

If that speculation isn't enough to whet your appetite, then you'll be pleased to hear that the text in this trailer leads us to believe that we'll witness the birth of an iconic Batman character in this episode. There are also plenty of 'HA HA HA' signs used, so the writing is on the wall - quite literally, in this case.

We know that Cameron Monaghan will be portraying a third character in Gotham's series finale, so the likelihood is is that Jeremiah will suffer some accident in Ace Chemicals, which will forever transform him into The Joker.

Are you excited to see the birth of The Joker on Gotham? Tell us in the comment section below.