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Considering the iconic nature of the source material, it's surprising to realize that Damon Lindelof's upcoming Watchmen series on HBO is only the second adaptation of the acclaimed graphic novel. Zack Snyder's 2009 live-action take may have been divisive, but it still managed to bring the comic book pages to life in a way few could've expected, serving as the most faithful adaptation that fans will ever receive.

However, this Watchmen series will be far from Snyder's vision. Lindelof and HBO intend to stray considerably from what's come before and make something more unfamiliar. Using the world of Watchmen (and an unknown amount of its characters), Lindelof is crafting a show that will focus on never-before-seen characters and plotlines. Whether they're normal people living in the broken reality set in motion by the formerly-active masked vigilantes or aspiring caped crusaders, this world sets a strong foundation for a show to build on.

And with the confirmed on-screen talent involved, as well as Lindelof's leadership position, Watchmen has the potential to add to HBO's long history of excellence. Now more than ever, comic book shows can reach a level of artistry that was previously limited to the drawn page. If any series is capable of that, it's one based on Alan Moore's most famous work.